Launch STEM Career (LSC) volunteers come from a wide variety of STEM professions and are experts in their respective fields. Whether you’re an active or retired mechanical engineer, game developer, dentist, cartographer, accountant, chemist, or professional in any of the other many STEM professions that exist, we invite you to participate in LSC and inspire girls and women to pursue careers in STEM. As a volunteer with the LSC project, your responsibilities will include one or more of the following:

  • Volunteer at a school.
  • Mentor high school girls by aiding them with college applications, admissions essays, and scholarship applications.
  • Mentor college women by reviewing and editing résumés, discussing job strategies, and conducting mock job interviews.
  • Assist in organizing STEM events.
  • Assist in developing and editing STEM hands-on activities.
  • Assist in buying supplies.
  • Assist in kitting supplies.
  • Attend our Annual Women in STEM Networking Event (WSNE).

Many of our former and current LSC volunteers are current employees or retirees from the following organizations: